• Kleerwater Oil Water Separator Underground Storage Tank Solutions
  • Kleerwater Oil Water Separator Underground Storage Tanks


  • Kleerwater™ oil water separators may be constructed in single or double wall tank designs. Double wall configurations have interstitial monitoring capabilities. Separator material of construction is carbon steel or in special applications, stainless steel.
  • Tanks are built to Underwriters Laboratories UL-58 / UL-1746 construction standards. Kleerwater™ oil water separators are tested to Underwriters Laboratories, UL-2215 standards.
  • Separators are designed to separate free-floating oils and greases with specific gravities between 0.7 and 0.94, from fresh water influents.
  • Kleerwater™ separator design criteria is based on Stokes Law which defines the rates of rise of oil spheres in a liquid medium. Special coalescence media enhances the separators efficiency to obtain unmatched performance, down to 5 ppm. (See note 1 below) Efficiency Verification
  • Kleerwater™ can handle larger continuous or intermittent influent flow rates. This allows for smaller separator system tanks. With smaller separation tanks, there is less spent on installation and equipment costs.
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  • Kleerwater separators are designed for no internal or confined space entry when performing routine maintenance. (See note 2 below)
  • Kleerwater™ separators are available with electronic audible and visual alarms for preset notification of liquid levels in the separator.
  • Kleerwater™ oil water separators are not for use in applications where cleaning detergents are involved. Solvents or highly dissolved solids, such as untreated sanitary sewers, should not be introduced into Kleerwater™ separators.
    1. Efficiencies are dependent on influent flow rates, concentrations and specific gravity of oil. Any one of these factors can affect the separator's efficiencies of oil and water separation.
    2. Maximum 180 day maintenance inspection schedule must be implemented for this claim to be applicable. Follow published maintenance instructions as published by the Kleerwater™ oil water separator manufacturer.
  • Kleerwater™ separators will not separate chemical emulsions, dissolved hydrocarbons or volatile organic hydrocarbons.
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