ACT-100-U Underground Storage



  • 300 to 60,000 gallon capacity
  • Material of construction; carbon steel
  • Underwriters Laboratories Construction, UL-58, UL-1746 Part IV
  • Steel Tank Institute ACT-100- U construction compliance
  • Single or double wall steel configurations available
  • Available with multiple compartments for multiple fuel storage
  • Compatible with gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, ethanol, methanol and additives
  • Can be lined internally for special applications, such as jet fuel or potable water storage
  • Installation friendly and lower installation cost

ACT-100-Uâ„¢: "Coated underground storage tank - A steel primary tank with a nonmetallic external coating of urethane resin." These are atmospheric steel tanks intended for storage underground of flammable and combustible liquids. Threaded fittings / openings can be located along the tank's top centerline or openings can be installed inside containment sumps. ACT-100-U tanks may be single or double wall construction, with or without multiple compartments for multiple fuel storage. If the tank is a double wall configuration, then it has interstitial monitoring capabilities. ACT-100-U tanks are built to Underwriters Laboratories UL-58, UL-1746 Part IV and Steel Tank Institute's ACT-100-U F-961 specifications.

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