Glasteel II Underground Storage Tanks



  • 300 to 60,000 gallon capacity
  • Material of construction; carbon steel
  • Most cost effective underground secondary containment system on the market
  • Underwriters Laboratories Construction, UL-58, UL-1746 Part III
  • Available with multiple compartments for multiple fuel storage
  • Compatible with gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, ethanol, methanol and additives
  • Can be lined internally for special applications, such as jet fuel or potable water storage
  • Installation friendly and lower installation cost
  • 30 year Limited Warranty

Glasteel II™

Jacketed Secondary Containment – A steel tank with a nonmetallic external jacket constructed of fiberglass and polyester resin. The primary tank and FRP jacket are separated by an interstitial space with the jacket acting as the secondary containment and corrosion barrier.” Secondary jacket allows for interstitial monitoring capabilities. Glasteel II tanks may also be built with or without multiple compartments for multiple fuel storage. Glasteel II tanks are built to Underwriters Laboratories specification standard UL-58 and UL-1746 part III. Glasteel II tanks are atmospheric steel tanks intended for storage underground of flammable and combustible liquids. Threaded fittings can be located along the tank top centerline or they can be installed inside containment sumps.

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